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Why Do You Need A Real Estate Broker?

For many home buyers or sellers, having a real estate broker may seem completely unneeded. Many cannot understand what a real estate broker could bring to the table that they cannot handle for themselves. While it is possible to purchase or sell a home without a real estate broker, there are many reasons why the process is much easier with one. Here are a few of those reasons.

Real Estate Brokers Can Help Sellers Get More Money

In most home sales, having a real estate broker can help you to make as much as 22% more on your sale than without one. The numbers, of course, depend on the real estate market in your area, but you have to consider, the more money you make, the more the broker makes, so they have the motivation to sell for more

Real Estate Agents Can Get You a Bigger Market

Let’s face it, in today’s real estate market, simply placing a “For Sale” sign out in front of your house and waiting just is not going to cut it. There are similar signs in yards all over the country. What makes your house stand out? A real estate broker has access to marketing and advertising methods would can put your house in the spotlight. For buyers, this works as well, since a real estate broker has access to information on many houses and different locations. He or she has a much better chance of finding you the perfect home, at the price you want, than if you kept checking the classified and riding around looking for those “For Sale” signs.

Real Estate Brokers Can Handle the Negotiations For You

Many of us hate negotiating, especially when we are dealing with the experts. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it helps to have someone in your corner who knows the language and how to work a deal. For example, for a buyer, real estate brokers know how to negotiate the price down on a home that you may love but hate the décor. For the seller, a real estate broker may be able to negotiate with the sellers to handle the redecorating for you if you simple lower the price a bit. With real estate brokers handling the negotiations, both parties can go into closing satisfied with the outcome of the process.

Having a real estate broker can be very beneficial to both the seller and the buyer in a real estate deal. If you have any questions about buying or selling real estate, give us a call today.

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