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Commercial Real Estate Issues
When buying commercial property, there are many issues which could arise, making the process a difficult if not impossible one. Having a good real estate attorney on hand to handle these issues can be priceless…..Read more

Common problems of Buying a House with Tenants
Under both Massachusetts law, and federal law, a tenant has rights when the place they are living in is sold to new owners. Someone cannot simply buy a house and expect any existing tenants to move out right away. If the current tenants have a lease, it is a legal and binding contract that must be honored…..Read more

Common Problems When Closing a Home
After months of working to get here, closing day on your new home is finally approaching. The excitement is building inside of you as you look forward to finally taking possession of the property. But there is also anticipation, and rightly so. There are still quite a few things which could go wrong when closing a home…..Read more

Home Inspections
The home inspection is an important part of buying a home. As any good real estate lawyer can attest to, failing to have a home inspection done can lead to big problems later. Considering the fact that the purchase of a home is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your lifetime, it is best to make it as an informed decision…..Read more

Residential Real Estate Issues
As any real estate attorney can vouch to, many people begin the process of buying a home with optimism and excitement. Those same real estate lawyers can also share that all too often the process ends with disagreements and issues that were never anticipated by either party….Read more

The Closing Process
So you’ve finally found the home of your dreams. After months of scanning ads, tromping through various properties, and meetings with real estate agents, it is finally time to come up with an offer to present to the seller. The first step is a very important one, therefore it is a good idea to have a real estate lawyer present even this early in the game…..Read more

Title Search
For many people, buying a piece of property, especially a home or business, can be a very exciting but stressful time. There are so many things to do, so many documents to sign and understand, that having a good real estate lawyer is vital to the process…..Read more

What are the Ways to Hold Title to Property in Massachusetts
There are many decisions to be made during the process of purchasing a home. Although which home to buy is the first and perhaps most important, there are many others to be made which have their own importance…..Read more

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