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The sale of a home can be a very stressful process for anyone, whether they are buying, or selling.  Retaining expert legal counsel will save you from making any number of serious mistakes.  To find out more information please use our online resources.  If you still have questions or want to to speak with Boston’s best closing lawyer please give us a call to set up your FREE CONSULTATION: 617-723-2800

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There were several things that the seller had agreed to repair in the purchase and sales agreement, but they have not been completed and my closing date is approaching. What can I do?….Read more ›

Do I need a Closing Lawyer?

According to Massachusetts state laws, an attorney must be present during any real estate closing. The real estate lawyer does not have to be appointed by the bank, however, as the law does allow for the parties involved to hire their own closing attorney. But real estate attorneys do much more than just show up at closing. Now, some of them are allowed to handle the entire sale from Offer to Buy to Closing. This is because new RESPA rules exist which can help save borrowers thousands of dollars in attorney fees, since the buyer will not have to hire a separate closing lawyer. A real state attorney has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to closing the deal on property. Here are a few of their responsibilities.

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